We are an organization that places significant emphasis on innovation.

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Who we are

We are a farmer, manufacturer and exporter of coconut products and other Ceylon’s finest natural products to the world market. Our winning strategy has been to innovate, develop and introduce value added products that are far superior to any ordinary product available in the market today. We are an organization that places significant emphasis on innovation and we possess the expertise to create more value at every step of the entire process, inclusive of process, packaging and service innovation, without limiting ourselves to simply innovating only the product.

We have the pride of being a family-owned business with a flat hierarchy which brings more flexibility in the way we work giving us a significant advantage over larger players in the market. We also have the speed and agility to cater to the fast-changing needs of today’s emerging consumers. We are young at heart and have the ability to punch above our weight. We are passionate about pursuing our dreams of growing bigger and spreading our wings to fly higher.

What We Do

Located at the heart of Sri Lanka’s coconut triangle, Heritage Lanka Nature Products Pvt Ltd is a certificated farmer, manufacturer and exporter of the country’s finest natural products. Coconut products are our primary export product while our expanding product range also includes spices, herbs, fruits, vegetables and pre-mixers.

Our business philosophy has always revolved around your health, your life and future well-being. We understand that consumers across the world are increasingly demanding products that are aligned with their goal of healthy living. Therefore, we offer a high quality, diverse product range that is continually expanding through newly value-added products to meet the requirements of these health-conscious consumers.

The central location of Heritage Lanka Nature Products allows us to source the finest produce through our extensive certified organic farming networks that employ traditional farming methods which utilize optimal natural inputs. This uniquely Sri Lankan farming methodology passed down from generation to generation ensures that only the best plants are regrown, giving us the best possible yields every time.



Our Vision is to introduce the best of Sri Lanka's natural products to the world backed by a dedication towards sourcing the highest quality produce and continually innovating to meet growing consumer demand with the aim of promoting healthy lifestyles.



Coconut products are our primary export product and our wide range includes Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Flour, Coconut Milk, Coconut Sugar, Desiccated Coconut, Coconut Chips, Coconut Milk Powder, Coconut Cream, Organic Coconut Treacle, Coconut Water, Coconut Butter, Coconut Vinegar and Coconut Aminos.

We also provide Spices & Herbs including Ceylon Cinnamon, Black Pepper, White Pepper, Cloves, Cocoa, Moringa, Curry Leaves and more. Additionally, we supply Young Jackfruit and Pre-mixers including Chocolate flavoured coconut flour muffin pre-mix, Vanilla flavoured coconut flour muffin pre-mix and Coconut Flour Brownie pre-mix.


The production process takes place at our world-class manufacturing plant which possesses the capacity to carry out the entire production process under one roof while paying attention to the smallest detail to ensure that only the finest quality products enter the market. The plant uses state-of-the-art equipment and only food grade material throughout the manufacturing process. Increased automation in the process ensures that the product undergoes minimum human contact which in turn enhances hygiene on the factory production floor. Each step is carefully supervised by our highly-experienced and well-trained quality assurance teams in order to ensure that every product we offer is of the highest value and quality. All employees are highly-knowledgeable and well-trained about the high quality product standards required and the importance of maintaining hygiene standards. They are also empowered to provide their inputs on continuously improving the process in order to further enhance the quality of our products.


Quality Assurance

Our manufacturing plant is a fully-certified ISO 22000, GMP and HACCP certified plant obtained through SGS Lanka, ensuring that our certified food safety methods are on par with the highest of international standards. Our stringent quality checks and assurance in delivering the highest quality through our in-house continuous quality checks, including microbiological laboratories, ensure that each element is carefully checked and tested before reaching the consumer. We are focused on maintaining our stringent Quality Assurance standards while improving day by day while continuously finding ways for improvement through continuous research.


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Export Markets

We export to over 40 countries across the globe including UK, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, USA, Russia, Bulgaria, Chile, Bolivia, South Africa, Angola, China, Malaysia, Oman, Bangladesh and many others.

Sustainable Approach

Creating a sustainable business model and a value system has always been embedded in our culture since inception. Our passion towards producing high quality, sustainable products goes beyond our valued customers and extends to cover every aspect of our process and supply chain. We strongly believe in forging long-term partnerships by giving back to the local communities – farmers, suppliers, and employees - helping them develop through the naturally derived products for healthy livelihood. This unique approach is embraced by each and every employee and is an integral part of the culture of the organization irrespective of whether it is a product, process, or the value chain right from sourcing until final output.






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