Our Food Range

Our food range

Our product portfolio consists of Sri Lanka's best natural products manufactured by sourcing
the highest quality organic produce with the aim of promoting healthy lifestyles.

Coconut base culinary Range

Combined with the richness of our heritage and the goodness of our miracle coconut, our coconut based products range provides the best of healthy products high in freshness and taste.

Coconut based spreads

Our coconut based spreads range provides a unique taste with the application of anything savory or sweet as a spread or more like a jam.


Our range of spices would be from the Ceylon's finest sources which are unique, and authentic in its taste and aroma. It provides the best of flavor for many dishes bringing the best flavorful experience.

Baking mixes

Our healthy baking pre mixers are the perfect and convenient baking mix to enjoy delicious muffins, to waffles, to brownies and many more

Super foods

Combined with the super goodness of nature these superfoods are a range of high-nutrient plant based products that will make way to a healthy lifestyle.

Tropical fruits

Our tropical fruits range provides dehydrated fruits and fruits in brine format to satisfy your fruity cravings - from jackfruit, banana, mango and to more

Tropical snacks & beverages

Healthy snacking and drinking has given our tropical snacks and beverages range excitement. This range at Heritage is unique and provides a refreshing and flavorful experience to all

Herbal teas

We have a range of herbal teas to make your everyday tea cup healthy with natural herbs from Moringa tea, to cinnamon, ginger and Blue Butterfly tea.