Our Food Range

Our product portfolio consists of Sri Lanka's best natural products manufactured by sourcing
the highest quality organic produce with the aim of promoting healthy lifestyles.

Coconut Base Culinary Range

Coconut being a miracle fruit provides a flavorful experience to all tasters of cuisine with its authentic flavor which is rich in goodness and taste.

Coconut Based Spreads

Our coconut based spreads range provides a unique taste with the application of anything savory or sweet as a spread or more like a jam.


Our nation is known for our unique taste and aroma in culinary spices that simply makes dishes delicious and satisfying. Our spices range consists of native spices ...

Super Foods

‘Heritage’ range of super foods are quite distinctive in its nature and also where as some consists of medicinal properties that boosts immunity and helps improve health for our living

Baking Mixes

‘Heritage’ bakery mixes range provides an assortment of products that are ready-to-bake with a range of health benefits which tastes extraordinary.

Tropical Fruits

Our unique range of local fruits consists of a unique flavor that are organically grown, high in fiber and nutrients while being ethically sourced.

Tropical Snacks & Beverages

This product range provides refreshing snacks and beverages with a twist to the original flavor.


Ceylon is known for its tea and its treated as an aromatic beverage prepared by pouring boiling water before being consumed.