As a family-owned business, we possess a flat hierarchy that allows us to be fast, flexible and agile.

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These are distinct qualities that help us differentiate our product offering by embracing innovation as one of the key pillars of our operations. We strongly believe that in order to make our products stand out in today’s highly-competitive global marketplace we need to constantly innovate and introduce new products that meet customer demand and also provide them with greater choices. This passion for innovation is embedded in the company’s DNA and propels us forward to constantly innovate and diversify our product portfolio. We have successfully created value added products from the core product using various infusions. E.g. Cocotella, Premixers range (value added from coconut flour). We continue to listen closely to customers’ needs and dynamic market changes to introduce new products with new flavour additions and infusions to meet the growing demand of the global consumer.

We can respond rapidly to customer requirements with shorter product development cycles and quicker product iterations. Our flexible structures depict that it is much easier to collaborate with us and fine-tune any product development requirement.

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Our Multi-faceted Approach towards Innovation

We are continuously investing in R&D to discover ways to expand our core products by bringing in new value added products while also looking at completely new growth innovations to advance our product portfolio.

We are constantly seeking to broaden our global footprint by expanding into new geographies, be it a new country or a new region in a country where we already have a strong presence in. We are able to do so by adding new channels of distribution in order to reach new customers.

We always strive to continuously improve existing processes at every level of our operations in order to enhance our efficiencies and to incrementally drive towards desired growth targets.