Our Value System

Heritage Lanka

We work closely with the farmers and have longstanding relationships with our farming communities to obtain the best yields and to continuously keep them educated on updated agricultural techniques.

Heritage Lanka

We work closely with a wider range of suppliers who help us to provide the best quality and on time delivery and also in return support their upliftment.

Heritage Lanka

We take good care of our employees and uplifts their working standards as well as continuously motivate them in the tasks they are assigned to perform.

Heritage Lanka

We are conscious about what we give back to our environment. Our sustainability practices includes waste water management systems, solar power, and a paperless environment.

Heritage Lanka

We continuously innovate and aims to provide economically viable product solutions through R&D and help create a positive impact in the markets we service worldwide.


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We have ensured that we nurture our longstanding working relationships with our farming communities by continuously educating them about the intricacies of the organic coconut concept. We maintain an open communication channel to provide them with advice and guidance on how to take the best care of their plantations and maximise their harvests.

We have always ensured that we pay a higher price for organic products given the inherent complexities and greater effort required for organic agriculture. A higher price means that farmers are guaranteed a better quality of life for them and their families.

We constantly educate the farmers on various topics such as Best Agricultural Management Practices & Most Modern Irrigation Systems, Best Solution for Labour Shortage with Automation & Higher Land Productivity methods, Inter Cropping with Spices and Fruits and several other related topics.

Our R&D team is constantly using advances in science and agro technology to discover new methods to boost coconut harvests and improve the quality of the coconuts.


We work closely with a network of small-scale entrepreneurs who have over the years built close ties with us and provide us with best quality and on time delivery. We offer them support by means of regular orders for their products and services at reasonable prices, loan advances when required as well as knowledge sharing to help them improve and grow their business operations.


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Our employees are an integral part of our business and we go the extra mile to provide them with a healthy, supportive work environment that allows them to enjoy their work and perform their best.

They help us achieve continuous improvement on the production floor and we motivate them by rewarding and appreciating them.

We conduct regular training and motivational programs to continuously improve their knowledge levels and expertise to perform their roles better.

They are a hardworking, creative and open-minded group resulting in a company culture that is defined through a collaborative team management approach.

They are provided free transport and interest-free loans so that they can utilize the funds to support their families and improve their quality of life.

Annual staff trips are organized to encourage them to make connections with other team members and departments outside of the work environment.


Heritage Lanka
Heritage Lanka

We have installed waste water systems in our manufacturing plant to reuse water and make it suitable for drinking purposes.

We operate from a paperless office that has minimal paper-based processes and relies on digitized documents instead.

We have installed a rooftop solar system that generates a majority of the electricity that is used in the manufacturing plant.

We have commenced numerous plantation projects to plant coconut trees that have the potential to improve the harvest and thereby help enhance our coconut sourcing capabilities.


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Our experienced R&D team goes to great lengths to come up with new product developments that can create a positive impact in the markets we serve.

We use state-of-the-art machinery to minimize human interaction in the production process thereby allowing us to deliver a higher quality product to the final consumer.

We possess professionals, well-experienced in the industry and qualified sales team that places great emphasis on ensuring that all our customers’ varied requirements are looked into in a timely and efficient manner. Their ability to generate revenue in US$ not only helps the company but also boosts the Sri Lankan economy by bringing in valuable foreign exchange.