Sri Lankan spices

Sri Lanka; island rich in heritage of Spices and teas

Sri Lanka previously been called ‘Ceylon’ for the years is known for its heritage in authentic Ceylon spices. By far, Ceylon spices are of superior quality that it is world renowned for what it produces in terms of aroma and taste which provides the ultimate culinary experience in food. These spices have played a part in the history of the world unbeknown to many. Spices help heighten the flavor and aroma of a dish. Currently, herbs and spices are valued beyond their rudimentary flavoring applications and see continued demand for various medicinal purposes. It is no exaggeration to state that spices have influenced the cuisine and the taste buds of the local communities with their rich flavor profiles and aromatic properties.

he ‘Spice Island’ came to be as a result of Sri Lanka’s climatic conditions allowing for a variety of spices to be grown on the Island’s soils. The abundance of these culinary treasures attracted the attention of many western nations throughout history who wished to source from Sri Lanka’s spice market. Today, Sri Lanka’s spice economy continues to flourish having penetrated the foreign markets which can’t help but be allured by the rich aroma of Sri Lankan spices. Sri Lanka supplies the international market with some of the most sought-after spices and allied products such as cinnamon, pepper, cloves, cardamoms, nutmeg, mace and vanilla.

Out of the many essential oils produced in Sri Lanka, cinnamon oil by far tops the list of its many benefits. The more expensive Cinnamon bark oil possesses strong anti-bacterial properties. Sri Lankan spices are uniquely distinctive purely due its distinct flavour and aroma.

Heritage Lanka
cup of tea

Another heritage which Ceylon carries is for its strong and flavorful cup of tea making every sip made to enjoy pure freshness. For centuries, Ceylon tea has been known as the finest tea in the world. Ceylon tea consists of primarily black tea, while green tea and also other types of tea are grown. Although Sri Lanka is a small nation it has a great level of elevation which allows flavors of tea being produced variedly. Our tea is classily known for bold, brisk and full flavor. One of the key drivers for the Ceylon tea industry was the immense demand overseas.

Some key international brands have been holding our stakes high in the international market in the tea industry and consists a range of tea ranges and added flavors/variants. Over time, traditional tea has been challenged by added infusions and varied fragrance profiles. Consumers have been lately demanding for different infusions that is of their choice with different fragrances attached into the core essence of tea.

Sri Lanka is a nation of boundless resources and rich in a lot of rich produce that are home grown and organically grown. As a nation we are rest assured that we are committed in providing the finest to the world through our natural produce and aims in bringing more value and convenience to worldwide consumers.