Superfoods – an emerging sustainable trend?

Consumers today are becoming more conscious regarding their personal wellbeing and aims to protect it through healthy food habits trying to avoid over the counter medicines as much as possible. ‘Superfoods’ – a concept that has been recently emerging are named for particular good foods with a high nutrient density. Superfoods are particularly nutrient-rich plants that contain more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants or other phytonutrients than usual. These little powerhouses can provide perfect support to a wholesome and healthy diet. This is particularly true when pursuing a vegan diet. Indeed, a varied diet is extremely important and can be additionally supported with superfoods. This as a category has been estimated to grow with a CAGR of 7.1% during the forecasted period of 2023 – 2032. 

This superfoods category has been catching a lot of interest across worldwide consumers with gluten free, vegan properties. This market for superfoods consists of a wide range of products from berries and leafy greens to seeds, nuts and other exotic ingredients that boosts the nutrition.  Due to advancements of food science and technologies these superfood products have been growing in popularity.

One of the most commonly known superfood categorized product is Moringa. This Moringa product, which is also named as the ‘Drumstick tree’ is a product that is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Heritage Moringa can be consumed in powder form, leaves form and even as an herbal tea that can be dipped into a cup of hot water and can be consumed directly. Ceylon cinnamon powder is also considered as a superfood as its made in powder form of the Ceylon’s finest cinnamon quality. Can be consumed as an addition to a daily breakfast meal or on-the-go snack topped on. 

Banana flour is also one of the superfoods that is gaining popularity across the world. It has high fiber content which promotes healthy digestion. This can be used to mixed or topped up with dietary products, confectionaries, cereals or baby foods as an enrichment. Turmeric powder and curry leaves powder is also an addition to the superfoods category at Heritage.

Why do you call it sustainable? As superfoods supports sustainable living and healthy lifestyles. So are we at Heritage, we do help fuel health and wellness across the globe with our superfoods range. And our committed Research and development teams are continuously using their knowledge in widening the superfoods range as a category in making healthy food habits a part of every person’s lifestyle. 

We make healthy living possible every day!