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The Birth of ‘Heritage’ brand

Sri Lanka or known as ‘Ceylon’ is a nation that has a distinctive history of its own going back into many decades. This beautiful paradise is also named as the pearl of the Indian Ocean which is rich in cultural heritage and full of diversity. Our nation is a multi-diverse and multi-cultural country where many ethnic groups, languages and religions are present. We are boundless in terms of resources that we enjoy from long coastal lines and beaches, wildlife, rich culture and heritage to hill side of the country with beautiful plantations.

As much as we are very much proud of our heritage, as a nation so we are at Heritage nature care products. We are a team has been truly passionate about our strongholds right from the thinking of our founder of the organization giving it the same brand name that we are proud of named ‘Heritage’. Our business thinking has always been evolved on giving the best back to the communities and the society with the resources capacity that we as an organization holds and as a nation.

Coming from grass root levels in business, we are an organization that has been built from its roots starting investments from scratch, exploring business opportunities to come to the position where we are today. We are a warm hearted close to heart family owned business who is willing and has the same energy levels enabling to spread our wings to do better every day in what we do. We are a young and energetic organization ready to explore new opportunities in aiming to build a better world. Our commitment is towards all the people, planet and your wallet. Empathy is at the growth on the tremendous growth made over the years as we do ‘care’ about all stakeholders who works around the organization and its bigger purpose.

We are 100% conscious and always assure that the best quality products are provided to our clientele and our end consumers through fair practices, the work we do, the products we produce and introduce to the market, ethical working practices and sustainable solutions. Our ‘Heritage Foundation’ aims to help people both locally and internationally maximizing social and environmental impact.

Our purpose is to be a carbon neutral organization by 2030 and our three step plan includes reducing emissions throughout our supply chain using 100% renewable energy at our headquarters and manufacturing facilities, offsetting emissions through new cultivations.

Globally consumers are moving towards health and wellness, and are more conscious and fuels the movement of healthy living. Our business with its newly structured state of the art production facility and our innovation calendar which is in place for the rest of the years keeps us motivated to future proof our business model. We are ready to spread our wings and explore new businesses with new business segments with continuous efforts on research and development and setting higher quality benchmarks.

Heritage as a business will envision its future in continuing to prosper and is in dire need of embracing and inspiring change with both hands and open doors. As a brand that has understood its beginnings well, we will continue in reaching excellence in what we do. 

Our heritage will always stand out as an organization and as a nation…